Are you interested in relocating to the UK, but find it a daunting prospect? Our permanent and international team are on hand to find you your perfect role, as well helping alleviate any concerns you may have.

Meet Valeria and find out how she’s launched her radiography career in the UK and how she’s finding being here.

Why were you interested in moving to the UK?

The crisis seen in several European countries is leading people to move to more florid areas, and the UK is definitely an attractive environment to launch someone’s career. In the UK, everyone has a chance as long as they work hard; of course this makes the market very competitive, but at the same time really gives you the chance to shine.

How are you finding living in the UK so far?

I like my life here, at first I found it hard to meet people and the language barrier was difficult. But ultimately I decided to stay and had the chance to buy my first home, which would have been impossible in my home country.

Can you tell us what your typical working day is like?

I studied Radiology in Rome graduating in 2014 and then volunteering for a year whilst waiting for my HCPC registration. I moved to the UK in 2016 and started working for an NHS Trust as a band 5 diagnostic Radiographer. My role was mainly doing plain film X-rays, theatre and mobiles. After six months, I thought it would be a good time to move on and apply my MRI knowledge. Therefore, I moved to a band 6 job which is what I’m currently doing.

What advice would you give to another healthcare professional looking to relocate to the UK?

I would say don’t think twice! Learn as much as you can about the language and be aware of the cultural differences, this helps with building relationships and dealing with people correctly.

Stay strong and face the change with a smile because you can do great things in the UK

How would you rate the support you have received from your recruitment consultant at Athona?

My recruitment consultant has been absolutely brilliant from the onset and throughout. They have been present, thoughtful and have always taken care of my best interests, I always advise fellow radiographers to ask her for advice.

If you’re interested in working in the UK, get in touch with our dedicated team and hear about the exciting opportunities we have waiting for you.

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