As our AHP desk has continued to grow, we recently sat down again with Recruitment Consultant, Lewis where he discussed the new AHP specialties he is now recruiting for and which locations these roles are based in.

From Speech and Language Therapists to Occupational Therapists across both Acute & Mental Health Settings, Lewis is also recruiting for Psychologists, CBT Practitioners, Social Workers and Mental Health Practitioners. Covering a variety of locations across the UK and Channel Islands such as the North West, East of England, London, South East and the South West, make sure to check out our live vacancies of these AHP specialties which are updated every day.

Take a look at our short video where we delve into each new specialty we’re now covering and what that role entails.

Whether you’re a client looking to fill a range of roles, an allied health professional looking to delve into a new role, or perhaps even a new specialty, Lewis and our dedicated team are on hand to help with any of your requirements.

Get in touch with Lewis today or call him directly on 01277 245909 to discuss any of these roles in further detail.