Athona is proud to announce it has scored platinum in this year’s Health Trust Europe (HTE) framework audit for nursing. The team received a final score of 99.47% platinum and 188 out of 189 requirements were successfully evidenced. This is the division’s first audit against the HTE framework for nursing since securing a place earlier this year.

Paul Springall, operations director for Health and Nursing, said, “Once again our results are testament to the importance that Athona places on quality. With so much changing over the past 12 months such as price caps and new frameworks, I’m confident that Trusts will be reassured to see that Athona’s standards remain at an industry leading level. Coupled with the record growth of our Nursing division, this puts us in an excellent position to continue improving our levels of supply to both new and existing Trusts.”

To find out more about these results please contact our compliance team:

T: 01277 217777