At Athona, we have a variety of different Registered Mental Health Nursing jobs available across the West Midlands. From the outstanding world-class museums to the stunning Warwick Castle, there is plenty to do when you’re not locuming.

There are many perks and benefits as to why working in the West Midlands could be ideal for you; keep on reading to find out just some of them.


The average salary for an RMN working in the West Midlands is considerably higher than most places in the UK – even London. At a staggering average of £80,000 per year in the West Midlands for a full time role, meaning there is no comparison when considering where to work in the UK as an RMN.


There are many benefits of working in a location with good commuting connections and due to the flexibility of locuming, you may not have to commute very often. Not sure you want to relocate? Below are just a few reasons as to why you could commute to work instead of relocating:

  • Work- life balance – by commuting to work, most people find that this separates their personal and work life. This is because they can leave their place of work and return home to forget about any stress from the day.
  • Down time – commuting can give you the opportunity to relax and have time to think about the day ahead; which some people find to be extremely beneficial. This could be by listening to your music or a podcast, or watching YouTube on the train- either gives you some down-time and allows you to refresh.
  • Overall health– studies show that participating in “active travel” (walking or cycling) or even switching over to driving can improve physical and mental health. This study has proven that commuting can help to mitigate depressive symptoms in working adults. Nearly ten years ago in 2013, it was discovered that workers most likely experience mental health struggles due to people not feeling they have flexibility to go into work, or with their days and hours. By taking a scenic route through the countryside or having your window down to let in the fresh air, these natural environments have been proven to increase peoples overall mental health and wellbeing.


With a more flexible job like working as an agency nurse, you’ll have additional time off to experience the local area. The West Midlands is a picturesque beautiful location with plenty to do when you’re not locuming. Being the second most populous area in England, the West Midlands has many well-known attractions that you can visit. These include:

  • Warwick Castle – Warwick Castle is a medieval castle built in 1068 by William the Conqueror built on the banks of River Avon with its purpose to guard the Midlands against rebellion. You could visit Warwick Castle for only £25 per person and explore over 1000 years of it’s rich history.
  • Museums – The West Midlands is well-known for it’s incredible museums such as; the Coventry Transport Museum, Midlands Air Museum and Birmingham’s Museum & Art Gallery. There are plenty of opportunities for you to go and visit these museums and many more!
  • Cadbury World – Cadbury’s owner, Mondelez International, has all of Cadbury’s production done in the Bournville factory, located in Birmingham. You can visit the worlds favourite chocolate home town in Birmingham at Cadbury world. Visit Cadbury World’s amazing attractions such as; the 4D chocolate adventure, the ‘making chocolate story’, chocolate making and so much more!

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